GTScales — das System zum Wiegen und Steuern der Last auf den Achsen-Lastwagen

Monitor Weight
Track GTscales

designed for static and dynamic weighing of trucks, trailers, semi-trailers (including tanks), road trains, containers, as well as any large objects.

система бортового взвешивания и контроля нагрузки на ось GTscales

Automatic Vehicle
Monitoring System

Integration with the satellite monitoring system based on GLONASS / GPS allows the owner to monitor and control all cargo handling processes in real time.

We produce on-board weighing and axle load systems on GTscales. We provide warranty and post-warranty service.


quick order fulfillment

All equipment is configured for your project back in the office. Remote support for hardware developers.


safety and reliability

All employees have specialized education and have undergone additional training in the installation of auxiliary equipment for freight transport.

обслуживание и доступность GlobalTech

service and availability

Service centers in Europe and Russia.

бортовые комплексы взвешивания

own production

We adapt the equipment to your specificity.

Globaltech offers a unique development – on-board weighing system and axle load control GTscales

The only axle load control system that works with lifting axles on tractors and trailers, as well as allowing you to use any number of trailers without recalibration with one tractor and vice versa. GTscales can combine in itself a system for determining and controlling the load on the axle of a vehicle and satellite vehicle homonitoring, transmitting data in real time. Online monitoring allows you to monitor the entire fleet operation.


Vehicle tracking system GTscales system
solve your problems:

for reloading

Loading is always within the limits allowed. Prevention of penalties for overloading in relation to the driver and officials of the enterprise (the fine is from 100 to 400 TR for the LE and SP).


Underload monitoring, relevant in the case of transportation of expensive goods. Increases the efficiency of operation of the vehicle.


Operation of the vehicle without overload. Preventing the breakdown of suspension and body parts and tire wear due to overloading.

Loss of
working time

Simplification of the loading process, elimination of the reload and reduction of time for carrying out weight control, including search and arrival on the scales. Cargo weighing regardless of physical parameters.

The absence of
of control

Control of transportation of unregistered cargo. Getting information about the flight: route, speed, idle time. Control over the process of loading and unloading vehicles. The data is simultaneously available to the driver and company management.


Exclusion of costs for control weighing, deviations from the route, unplanned repairs.

The advantages of the on-board weighing system and control of axle load on GTscales over analogues:

High accuracy

Always stable and accurate weight readings due to the unique design and algorithms of the complex. Measurement error does not exceed 2%!

Low cost

Low cost in comparison with stationary and bedding weighing systems.

Easy installation

Simple installation on vehicles with pneumatic or mixed suspension. Detailed instructions for installation and calibration.

GlobalTech Company

All GlobalTech employees have been trained and certified professionals who have worked in the field of motor transport for more than 10 years. Having extensive experience gained during the work.