Onboard GTscales axle weighing and control system from manufacturer

for static and dynamic weighing of trucks, trailers, semi-trailers (including tanks), road trains, containers, as well as any large-sized objects, the dimensions and design features of which allow you to connect sensors measuring the pressure in the trunk / contour of pneumatic springs . The system can be installed both on truck tractors and semi-trailers for them, and on trucks and trailers for them. The system is installed on vehicles with axles from 2 to 6 and trailers with axles from 1 to 6.

The main purpose of the system

Determining the weight of trucks and trailers with air, spring or mixed suspension

Determining the weight of the net load

Determination of the load on each axle of the vehicle and trailer

Monitoring the excess of the specified parameters of the load on each axle of the vehicle and trailer

Data output
on the driver’s monitor

Transmission of the received data to GPS / GLONASS vehicle monitoring systems

GTscales weight control complex works with any tracker with RS485 inputand supporting the protocol digital fuel level sensor Omnicomm.

Full information on weight characteristics is transmitted to the GPS / Glonass monitoring system.

Road train weight
(tractor + trailer)

transported cargo

Load on each axle of the towing vehicle and trailer

You can use any number of trailers (and vice versa) equipped with a GTscales system with one tractor.
Data for the driver is transmitted to the monitor in the driver’s cabin or via BlueTooth on an Android smartphone.

Basic equipment GTscales system

1. Pressure sensor block – 2 pcs.
2. Switching (main) unit – 1 pc.
3. Driver’s display (display unit) – 1 pc.
4. Interconnect cable with connectors, 21 meters – 1 pc.
5. Interconnect cable with connectors, 9 meters – 1 pc.
6. Cable with connector for power supply and RS485 interface – 1 pc.

Mounting kit **:
7. 7-pin receptacle, – 2 pcs.
8. Connecting spiral cable trailer / semi-trailer with connectors – 1 pc.
9. Tees, adapters, pneumatic tube, mounting clamps, etc.

* Completion is selected on the basis of the checklist filled in by the customer when ordering equipment and the relevant recommendations of the Manufacturer, can be changed at the request of the Customer.

** The assembly kit is supplied additionally in the kit at the discretion and request of the Customer, selected on the basis of the checklist filled in by the Customer when ordering equipment and the relevant recommendations of the Manufacturer.

complex equipment GTscales:

Name Value
1 2 3
1 The interface for connecting the switching (main) unit to the tracker RS 485 (DUT LLS)
2 Non-volatile memory of each unit of the set (display unit – exception date and time) Yes
3 Thermal compensation of pressure sensors Yes
4 Minimum measured pressure by sensors, kPa 0
5 Maximum measured pressure by sensors, kPa 1000
6 Maximum allowable pressure value in the sensor, kPa 4000
7 Number of pressure sensors in the unit, pcs. 2
8 Minimum number of connected sensor units, pcs. 1
9 Maximum number of connected sensor units in series, pcs. 6
10 The size of the switching unit, W × H × G, mm. 64 х 24 х 66
11 The size of the block pressure sensors, WxHxD, mm. 64 х 24 х 66
12 Display size, inch 3,2
13 Color display Yes
14 Number of display colors 65536
15 Display type TFT LCD
16 The size of the display unit, WxHxD, mm. 85 х 40 х 20
17 Average term of operation, years 7

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