Vehicle GPS tracking system

All sensors manufactured by us are integrated with a multi-function GPS and GLONASS system for monitoring vehicles, mobile and stationary objects. Our developments will help you on international roads to provide conditions for the movement of vehicles in accordance with national regulations regarding dimensions, total weight and axle load.

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Planning and Optimization

You can build tracks of cars for an arbitrary period of time, control the mileage, fuel consumption, speed, load. Based on the data obtained, it is easier to optimize routes and load transport, excluding half-empty runs. Reduce the penalties for overloading cars, you can estimate the mileage of the car on paid sections of federal roads and calculate the approximate cost of travel in the “Platon” system.

Globaltech offers a unique development – on-board weighing system and axle load control GTscales

The only axle load control system that works with lifting axles on tractors and trailers, as well as allowing you to use any number of trailers without recalibration with one tractor and vice versa. GTscales can combine in itself the system for determining and controlling the load on the axle of the vehicle and the satellite-homonitoring of transport, transmitting data in real time. Online monitoring allows you to monitor the entire fleet operation.

Vehicle tracking system – control worldwide

Control and manage your fleet from anywhere in the world.

Контролируйте и управляйте своим автопарком из любой точки мира

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