Installation Weight Track Assistant GTscales

1. Place it:

Monitor and main unit – in the cab of the tractor

Sensor unit tractor – on the frame of the tractor

Trailer sensor unit – on the trailer frame.

2. Install the tractor and trailer sockets.

3. Connect the Monitor, Main unit, Sensor unit of the trailer, Sensor unit of the trailer, socket and GPS / Glonass terminal according to the diagram, using the wiring from the kit.

Main unit
Блок датчиков глонасс мониторинг

Sensor unit

Блок датчиков спутниковый мониторинг

Installation diagram

Датчики давления GlobalTech

Pressure sensors located in the sensor unit of the tractor and the sensor unit of the trailer, connect to the air suspension system using a 6mm pneumatic tube, tees and adapters.

To connect to the air suspension system of the car, use tees.

Wiring diagram of the on-board weighing system and control of the GTscales axle load on a three-axle tractor unit, one of which is lifting and a semi-trailer with three axles, two of which are lifting. On the tractor mounted sensor unit with 2 pressure sensors, on the trailer sensor unit with three pressure sensors.

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